September Newsletter

In this news letter, along with news, we will talk about using Polarizer’s for fall photography and for those using point and shoot cameras, we will talk about the sports program mode.

Artist in Residence: Wednesday September 28 I leave for the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for my 3 weeks as Artist in Residence. While I am there I am going to be making two presentations:
On Thursday Evening, October 6th, 7PM at the Alger Heritage Center in Munising I will be giving a presentation titled “Photography Techniques for Capturing the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore”. This is open to the public and free of charge!
On Friday October 7th, I will be doing a photo walk to the Au Sable light station. Meet at the Hurricane River Campground in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore at 4:30 and join me for an evening of photographing the Light Station and beach. This is also free and should be a lot of fun.

While I am in the UP I can be reached at this e-mail address, however it may take me a little time to get back to you.

I am still looking for a few more Patrons: For each $150 contribution by a Patron toward the trip, I will give a signed and numbered copy of the picture selected as the Artist in Residence image for the National Park Service. For those of you who wish, several alternates will be offered. Please consider this opportunity! You can contact me for more information.

If you are interested in following along while I am up there, see a few images as I take them, friend my Petersen Photography face book page. I will be updating frequently.

If you stopped by my art fair booth tent this summer, you may have signed for a drawing for a limited edition print. The grand prize is a LE print of “Log by Munising Falls” The winner this year is Bridgette Bammann. Bridgette signed up in Michigan City at the Lakefront Art Festival. Congratulations!!

Classes Coming Up: I will be teaching a 6 week class on intermediate photography at Tanglewood in Muskegon. For more information look at this cover. This class begins November 10. We will cover a couple topics that you might find interesting… White Balance and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and posing.

How to use a Polarizing Filter:
I received several questions about using a polarizer for taking fall foliage pictures after my newsletter last month. Without a doubt, a good polarizing filter will really improve the fall images. Remember that it works best when shooting perpendicular to the sun’s rays. First, it darkens the skies which is one of my favorite aspects. If you are shooting over water, often times it removes a lot of the surface reflection, or you can adjust it to only take away a portion of the reflection. It often takes reflections off the wet fall leaves and makes the colors deeper.

Just putting the filter on the lens will not do these things for sure, you have to look through the viewfinder and slowly turn the adjustment ring on the filter. You need to be careful doing this! One time I was shooting still water, and as I adjusted the filter I unscrewed it and dropped it in the lake! Remember to get a filter appropriate for your type of lens and size!

Sports Mode on your camera:
For those of you that have a point and shoot camera or an entry level SLR you will often find a mode on your camera that shows a little person running. First this works best with a long lens.
What does it do? First it forces the F stop to the lowest setting on your camera. This causes a faster shutter speed which makes handholding the camera and stopping action much easier. On some cameras it increases the ISO of the camera to a higher setting. On some it may change the way the camera does auto focus to a type of focus where the camera adjusts to moving objects.
SO, in a nutshell the little running man Icon on your camera will try to STOP ACTION!

ART Fairs: Sadly, the summer Art Fairs are over!! But Fall is here! For you Chicago Clients and Friends, I will be at the West Walker Holiday Fair November 19, 2011 at the Irving Park Lutheran Church Gym, 4057 N. Harding (on the SE corner of Belle Plaine and Harding) Chicago, IL. Show is from 10 AM to 5PM. Stop over if you get a chance!
WEB SITE: Looking for that special Holiday gift? Check out the online web site: Most of my summer art fair images are online right now. Additional images from the Porcupine Mountains and Pictured Rocks will be going online in November.

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