Maternity and Newborn

One of my passions is photographing pregnant women and newborn babies.
Having photographed nearly 200 pregnant moms, couples and children, and being a father and a grandfather I find that every day I have a new sense of amazement about the wonder of a new life entering the world. My pictures reflect those feelings of this special time.  Please E-Mail me for the password to the maternity gallery.

Architectural Photography

I provide architectural photography services to many of the major contractors, architectural firms, and residential builders in West Michigan.
I am very dedicated to creating images that illuminate both your design and the stylized space and will truly promote your project in a successful light.
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General Photography

In addition to Architectural, maternity and Nature Photography I provide the following services:
* portrait photography
* fashion portrait
* business portrait
* pet photography
* animal photography

* advertising photography
* commercial photography
* landscape photography
* fine art photography
* event photography
* sports photography
* still-life photography

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