August News Letter

New Website: My new web site is online and ready to go!  In the coming week I will be loading all the prints that I sold at Art Fairs this summer, to give everyone an opportunity to purchase any of those pictures online!  Check out and watch for the art fair gallery.  While you are online, be sure and friend our face book pages Petersen Photography or Paul Petersen.

WINNER OF THE LIMITED EDITION PRINT:  If you signed my list at one of the art fairs this summer you are entered into the drawing to win a limited edition print.  I will announce the winner after the Paw Paw show in mid September.  Watch your e-mail!  You might be the winner!

BECOME A PATRON: As you know Two years ago I went to Alger County in the UP for a fall Photography trip.  Many people Underwrote this trip, and I agreed to give them a signed and numbered image that I took.  The print I selected was “log by Munising falls”.   This image received the “Patrick J. O’Leary Purchase Award” at the Muskegon Museum of Art 82nd Regional Exhibition, along with many other awards.

Last year for my fall Photography trip, I went to the Porcupine Wilderness State Park.  The Underwriters of that trip received a signed and numbered copy of the Image “Dawn at the Lake of the Clouds”  this image captured the “Pure Michigan” award!   I hope you have had a chance to see it on TV, Newspapers and on display in the area.

This year, as part of my Pictured Rocks Residency, I will be giving The National Park Service a copy of the best image I take on this trip for display in the Pictured Rocks Visitors Center.

This Residency will be a much longer trip, and I will be renting a lot more specialized equipment, so I am asking if you would consider becoming a patron and underwriter.  For each $150 contribution by a Patron I will give a signed and numbered copy of the picture selected as the Artist in Residence image for the National Park Service.  For those of you who wish, several alternates will be offered.  I am attaching a form to sign up.  Russ, please consider this opportunity.  Thanks!


ART FAIRS:  Fall is Coming and the Summer art fairs are winding up!  Here are the remaining ones!
September 4, 5 New Baltimore-“Art on the Bay”.

September 9, 10 Paw Paw-Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival

September 17, Montague-Artisans Market (dependent on weather)

I will be letting you know my fall and winter Art Fair schedule in the next month.

CLASSES THIS FALL: I will be teaching a class in Munising, Michigan as part of my pictured rocks residency.  Watch next month’s newsletter for exact dates and time.
Thursday October 20, the Nuveen Center in Montague is sponsoring a photo walk at the Clear Springs Area.  I will be taking up to 15 photography enthusiasts on an evening walk to capture some of those fall scenes!  Contact the Nuveen to sign up!

TAKING BETTER FALL PICTURES-Lets think about fall pictures!  We are just a few weeks away from those beautiful fall colors.  There are a few things that you can do to improve your fall photography.
1. Early Morning and Late evening always work best!  Sun lower in the sky gives a much better picture.  Cloudy days leave the colors lacking in brightness and vibrancy.
2. consider buying and learning how to use a polarizing filter.  Nothing seems to bring out those colors as well as a good polarizer.  They work best when the light is at a right angle to you.
3. If you are able to, set your camera with a custom white balance.  Direct sunlight or cloudy settings sometimes work, but custom is ALWAYS better!
4. Use either ISO 100 or 200.  DO not let your camera use automatic ISO!
5. Use a Tripod!

TAKING PICTURES OF GROUPS…To get great pictures of  groups of people:
1. Plan you location ahead of time, think about the pose….Choose a position where your group will fit, where there is enough light for the shot and where there is no distractions in the background.
2. Get in Close!!!!  The closer you get the more detail will be in people’s faces.
3. DO NOT get the group too deep (front to back) this will keep everyone in focus! Make sure someone’s head is not behind another person’s!
4. Ask everyone to raise their chins…they will thank you later when the double chins are gone!
5. Large Groups-Tall in back and the middle, short on ends and in front.  Small groups-put the faces in triangle shaped groups!
6. Use a Tripod!
7. Take Control!  If you are not in charge the picture will never get taken!
8. Smile…and the people in the picture will smile too!

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY: I provide architectural photography services to many of the major contractors, architectural firms, and residential builders in West Michigan.  I am very dedicated to creating images that illuminate both your design and the stylized space.  This assures you images that will truly promote your project in a successful light.  Contact me for reasonable rates and references.

Paul Petersen-Petersen Photography-231-798-1163,,

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